What We Do

We leverage our strong ties with local teachers, community leaders and from our own intensive research to gain information on children in dire need of educational support. The information acquired helps us in the selection, after which we enrol them in school, provide the necessary school supplies, and keep in contact with the families so that the children have the best chance of receiving the education they deserve. Many adults from a low economic background do not realise the importance of getting their children an education. We put in the effort to teach the guardians the importance of allowing the children to study.

An award-winning educational institute in America recently recognised our work; subsequently, they chose Kindness Diaries trust to be the first to launch their educational program in India. It is an early childhood education program that enables children to learn English from home via a phone which we provide for them. Our dedicated team ensures consistent contact with the guardians to support them and reaffirm the importance of education.

Our fundraising drives ensure that every child under our support has everything they need to go through school uninterrupted- from uniforms to fees and academic materials. It also facilitates our vocational training program by providing workstations for women undertaking sewing training. We also market blacksmith items that a marginalised blacksmith community makes, tripling their income. Through programs like these, we can help individuals from underserved communities gain financial independence. 

Through our various initiatives, we strive to support underprivileged communities, from weekly food distributions, essential medical supplies, festival events and gift-giving during Christmas to encourage and put a smile on their faces!

During the COVID pandemic, our committed team in Jaipur oversaw the distribution of thousands of PPE kits. We worked hard to get our hands on many oxygen machines to help patients in dire need. Our team installed oxygen machines for COVID-19 patients who were unable to secure a hospital bed due to the high volume of inpatients at the time. Our experienced medical team helped to save many lives—our efforts were acknowledged and appreciated by the local authorities and government.

Our charity work spread to the UAE in 2020. During the holy month of Ramadan, we gave out meals to thousands of labour workers daily.

We are always looking for new and creative ways to spread kindness and make a positive impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use education as a tool to bring dignity and empowerment to marginalised communities in Jaipur. We firmly believe that every person, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the right to access education and other basic needs. By providing support and resources to these communities, we aim to empower individuals to become self-sufficient and lead fulfilling lives.


Additionally, we recognise that education is just one aspect of promoting dignity and self-sufficiency. As such, we also strive to address other issues impacting marginalised communities, such as poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion. 

What You Can Do

By setting an example and making a conscious effort to be kind, you can help spread the message and inspire others to do the same. We thrive on support from generous individuals like you. Yes, you! No amount or deed is too small to make a difference. It’s the kindness that counts! 

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